Attractive Careers In Computer Science

Attractive Careers In Computer Science

The world is embracing the use of digital technology and whether you know it or not we all rely on it one way or the other. Businesses and companies are all going digital and the use of computers and smartphones is also increasing rapidly, says Mayur Rele. Computer science is the learning of computers as well as the application both theoretically and practically. The main core of computer science is majorly data structures and algorithms.

In case you have been considering a career in computer science there are various attractive career options in computer science. Careers in computer science range from cybersecurity to software development and its applications span diverse industries which makes it a very lucrative field. There are top lucrative and attractive careers in computer science that offer high earnings and are in high demand. Let’s take a look at some of the most attractive career paths in computer science.

As mentioned earlier there are various career options in computer science some of the common ones include software engineering, cybersecurity, full-stack developer, mobile app developer, data science and others. But if you want something unique and more attractive then you can consider the following paths.

Game developer

Video game developers need to have coding knowledge and should be able to make use of their creativity and storytelling ability to create gaming software. They should be specialized in creating both simple and complex games. For you to be successful in this field there will be a need to always keep learning and thinking of how to make the game better on most days. You should also note that the designing and developing of a game is not as exciting as playing it. The game developer job is competitive and lucrative so there will be a need to always stay ahead of your competitors through learning and daily improvement in your programming and coding.

Climate researchers

To be a climate researcher you need to have a vast knowledge of machine learning. They are responsible for the evaluation of scientific data and also make research concerning climate to see if there is any change. They work closely with a climate scientist to analyse climate data and also help with simulations and modelling through the help of computer science procedures. The only problem with this career path is that you might find it difficult to get the attention of people even if your model provides the best restoration plan. A PhD holder that works at a research institute, especially in an academy environment is what is expected of a climate researcher to possess.


Cryptographers are those who create codes that are not easily accessible and codes that can’t be decoded. Cryptographers are in high demand as their area of expertise have to do with information security. Career opportunities as a cryptographer are wide as many industries depend on their skills. Tech companies, financial institutions and the military are examples of those that need cryptographer’s skills. To become a cryptographer there is a need for you to major in computer science and also get an internship. If you are planning to grow or develop in this career path then you need to get a graduate degree. To succeed in this path for a start, as stated earlier you need to apply for internships that are majorly in computer science.

Artificial intelligence computer engineer

You have to know how to design speech recognition programs, create data that are based on algorithm mining and be able to solve problems that are complex to be an artificial intelligence engineer. By research, an AI engineer’s salary is on top gear and they are in high demand in the technology world. Well, to everything there is always a downside. The downside is you need to be vast in algorithm skills and machine learning and also you need to acquire a degree to serve as an edge.. as an AI engineer, your careers can be driven in a different direction and the pay is a very attractive one; an average salary of about $125,000. Wow! That’s a whopping sum of money.

Drone Engineer

Drone engineers are those who develop the software part of the drone and this creates software guides and controls the drone. Also, sometimes humans might not be needed to control the drone, as an autonomous drone can be created. As a drone software engineer, you get to test your work and you can also put people through how to navigate your design. Its limitation is drones can cause loss of life directly or indirectly, especially when used in the military. To be a great achiever in this field, apart from you having a c++ knowledge, you will have to acquire an experience in flight testing and also a certificate from the federal aviation administration that has to do with remote piloting.

Bottom Line

The computer science field is for anyone looking for a high paying career or something exciting. According to Mayur Releto have an edge over others in your field of specialisation there is a need to always keep learning. The reason is that the field of computer science keeps changing. As you can see there are attractive and exciting careers in computer science and the list above are just some of the many that are available.

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